How To Articles

Getting Started

You've signed up. Now what? Step by step instructions and best practices for using Unit Trac.

Create an iPhone or iPad Shortcut

How to add Unit Trac to your iPhone apps.

Create an Android Shortcut

How to add Unit Trac to your Android home screen.

Getting Set up to Process Credit Cards

Take the first steps to automatically charging cards monthly.

Add Credit Card Information to an Existing Lease

Set up automatic charging or a one-time charge for current customers.

Add Units

Have you expanded your facility? Learn how to add new available units to Unit Trac.

Create custom notes on invoices and receipts

Easily make announcements to all of your customers.

Edit my map

Tweak your facility map or add new units.

Email a Document to a Customer

Save the stamp!

Starting a new lease for an existing customer (current or past)

Save yourself from duplicate data entry.

Can I add a logo to my receipts and invoices?

Step-by-step directions for adding your logo to different documents.

Record a Refund

Return a deposit or any miscellaneous amount.

Record a Payment

Getting paid is important. Recording the payments is equally as important.

Invite or reset customer's account/password to the customer portal

Send your customers an invitation to manage their account online.

End a Lease

Your customer moved out. Now what?

Can my customers make online payments?

Unit Trac offers the customer portal to make it easy for your customers to do business with you.

Can I track gate codes, keys or locks?

Learn how to easily keep track of gate codes, keys and lock numbers.

Edit or Delete a Recorded Payment

Need to edit the payment amount or paid through date?

Can I be notified when a customer should be locked-out?

Step-by-step instructions for enabling the lock-out notification feature.

Can my customers electronically sign a lease?

Unit Trac offers the ability to collect an electronic signature on your lease agreement.

Prorate first month's rent

Let Unit Trac do the math for you!

Add custom lease fields

Want to capture additional information on your lease?

Can I limit the number of payments displayed on an invoice or receipt?

Don't remind customers how much they are spending.

Reports, Reports, Reports

Find out what is happening at your facility.

Manage a Wait List

Tired of misplaced post-it notes and random sheets of paper?

Can I add notes to a lease?

Keep track of information that is related to a lease.

Can I retract or resend a lease for e-Signature?

Change of plans? Customer lost the original email? No problem.

Rent increase - adjust standard pricing

Adjusting your prices? Follow these instructions to update.

Automatically Send Receipts to Customers

Never forget to send a receipt again.

Transfer a Customer to a New Unit

Need a smaller or bigger unit? No problem.

Facebook Marketplace

Use Facebook Ads to Drive Rentals

Craigslist: Marketing Your Storage Facility

Use Free Resources to Boost Occupancy

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