Can I add notes to a lease?

Created: 10/3/2017


Better information allows you to give better customer service and also run your business more efficiently. 

Unit Trac offers the Notes field within a lease to help you keep track of any information you want to remember about a lease or customer: payment activity, conversations with customers, or refunds for future reference. 

To add a note:

Step 1 - Find and click on the customer name in the My Customers list

Step 2 - On the right side of the screen, under Customer Leases, click the unit number requiring a note.  This will bring up that specific lease.

Step 3 - Find the Notes section at the bottom of the lease and click the blue 'Edit' button. 

Lease Notes Edit

Step 4 - Enter any pertinent information you want to reference in the future, and click Save.  Don't worry...the customer will not see your notes; these are for your reference only.

 Lease Notes


Note: To upload pictures or documents to a lease Click here for more info.

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