How To Fix Accounting Mistakes

Created: 4/10/2020

Don't worry - if you make a mistake, Unit Trac can help. There are different scenarios that you may find yourself in and there are tools to help.

1. Check for Accounting Mistakes

Go to Customers > My Customers. If a yellow warning icon is present - there is a potential issue with the customer's accounting.

Depending on the accounting mistake, you'll be presented with different options to help correct the customer's invoice. Follow the prompts as provided.
     i. Fix Rent

When selecting "Fix Rent", you'll be presented with the different options for how to handle the invoice item - including adjusting the amount owed or striking through the rent.

     ii. Apply Payments. Before applying payments, please verify the invoice items are correct before proceeding.

2. Adjust An Invoice After Items Have Been Paid For

You may want to add, adjust or delete invoice items that had previously been paid for. In this scenario, please use "Fix Accounting Problem". The first step to fix an accounting problem is to disconnect payments from the invoice items they paid for. After disconnecting the payments, make invoicing adjustments as needed. When done, the "Apply Payments" action will help reconnect payments to finish this process.

3. Review Customer Credits

Go to Accounting > Overview and click on "Customer Credits." This will show you if a payment has been recorded, but not applied to rent. If you did not intend for a customer to have a credit, please go to the customer's "Invoicing & Payments tab" and select "Add Rent" and then follow the prompts provided to apply payments as needed.

Click here to learn about accounting terms in Unit Trac.
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