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Created: 2/22/2015


As your facility grows by adding new buildings or units, you'll need to update Unit Trac so they can be managed through the system.  

Adding new units to your existing facility:

1. Go to Facility > Site Map and select in the right hand corner of the map.

2. If you are adding a new size, go to the 'Size Templates' tab and click on 'Add Size' to enter the name, dimensions, description and price. You’ll want to associate the 'Start a Lease Invoice Template' (Business > Settings > Lease) and 'Late Fee Schedule' (Business > Settings > Accounting) - if applicable.

3. After the size template is created, select 'Add Unit' and enter the unit numbers for that size (you can entere multiple units at once - simply separate the numbers by enering a comma). Click "Add" and then "Save."

4. To place the unit, drag it from the "Unplaced Units" list to the facility map.

Adding a new facility: 

1. Go to Facility > Facility Editor and select "Add Facility" from the Actions menu.

2. Enter the facility name, physical address and mailing address.

3. After the facility has been created, select "Add Size" and then "Add Units" to create your units.  You may also follow steps 2 – 4 listed above if editing through the site map.

If you have multiple facilities, you will also see different reporting options for view business stats for all of the facilities or you can select individual facilities

Note: Be sure that all units ready to rent are listed with the status 'Rentable'.  If you choose 'Unrentable', Unit Trac you will be unable to add a lease to the units.

Congratulations on growing your business!


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