Correct a Payment

Created: 3/17/2017


Mistakes happen and they can easily be fixed in Unit Trac. There a couple different ways to correct a payment that has been recorded.

1. Delete a Payment
If you make a mistake - you'll want to delete the payment and re-record accurately. This applies to cash, check, ACH, money orders or other payment methods. Please go to Actions > Delete to delete the payment.  From there, go to Actions > Record a Payment to record the accurate payment.
Delete a Payment

Please Note: Credit/debit card payments cannot be deleted.  They must be refunded and you can choose to issue a full or partial refund depending on the situation.

2. Edit a Payment
You may also edit a payment. Please go to Actions > Edit.  Editing the payment gives you the ability to modify the payment date, break down of the payment application and notes.

Now your financials are accurate. Easy.


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