Can I check my work?

Created: 4/16/2020


Do you think that you made a mistake? It's okay - it can be corrected.  Here are some ways to spot check your work:

Check  1 - Customers > My Customers - if there is something off with the accounting - you'll see a yellow triangle warning.
Check  2 - Leases > My Leases - you can scan the paid through dates along the left to see if anything looks off.
Check  3 - Accounting > Overview and check to see if a customer has a credit.  Usually it is a small overpayment, but if you notice a larger amount - it indicates that a payment wasn't applied to the rent.
Check 4 - Go to Reports > Lease List and choose the options to "Standard Rent, Actual Rent and Rent Difference." This is also helpful to see who is under/over paying.
If you are just gettting started with Unit Trac and want to, here are a couple of ways to check that the customers are entered properly:
- From the Homepage, check the "Poor Standing List" to confirm the paid through date and amount due are accurate.  For example, if a customer is two months behind - if you click on their details - you should see an invoice for each month.
- Go to Accounting > Overview  and check out the "Revenue Report" to confirm that the payments recorded are the actual amount that you have received (don't want to overstate your income).
Not sure how to correct it? Contact our team and we are happy to help.
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