Issue a Refund

Created: 10/3/2017


Do you need to refund a deposit or any miscellaneous amount? You can with Unit Trac.

The Invoicing & Payments tab in the Customer details gives all the visibility into the invoice items and payments for a customer.  You can Add, Edit, find out more information, and Modify existing invoice items here.  

Step 1 - Find the payment that you would like to refund;

a. From the Customer's 'Invoicing & Payments' tab: Click on the 'Actions' button and then click 'Refund'.Issue a Refund

b. From the Customer's 'Lease' tab: Click on the 'Actions' button then click 'Refund'.

Step 2 - Choose 'Full Refund' or 'Partial Refund' depending on the situation.

Step 3 - Choose if the customer Still Owes for this invoice item, if the invoice item needs to be Struck-through, or Delete the Invoice Item.


Step 4 - Confirm the udpated paid through date and click 'Refund'.

Your revenue report will reflect the refund activity as well.


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