Record a Payment - For Multiple Customers at Once

Created: 1/5/2020


Recording payments in Unit Trac is simple and you have two options to record: 

1) An Individual Payment Per Customer - Record a Payment (click here to see this help article)
2) Payments for Multiple Customers at once - Batch Payment Recording (shown below)

Payments for Multiple Customers 

Select 'Batch Payment Recording' from the Customer Menu

Batch Payment Recording

Select the customers and their leases that you want to record payment for.  You can then adjust the amount, type, and paid through date as necessary.  After updates have been made, select   Record Button   Your paid through date and unit status will be updated accordingly along with your revenue reporting.

Tip:  If you have customers with an established payment history you can enter their payment method (i.e. check) and then get a short list of those customers who pay by check. 

Batch Payment


 Click here for best practices for accurate recording keeping and tips for checking for mistakes.

Now your payments are updated.  Quickly

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