Can I create custom shapes for my units?

Created: 2/25/2021

Have an unit that's not a typical square or rectangle? Your site map can reflect the unique sizes that you offer.  
Single Unit - Custom Shape
A unit may be a custom shape rather than a standard square or rectangle. Go to Facility > Site Map and click on  in the upper right hand corner of your site map.

To adjust a unit, click on the unit and then select "Unit Designer" and select
  . From there, you can create the new points to create the custom shape and then click 'Save.'
Multiple Units - Custom Shape
If there are multiple units of of the same size with a custom shape, select "Size Designer" from the size template and select "Use Custom Template"

Please note that this will apply to all units of this size.
Units can also be rotated up to 360 degrees to your preference by clicking on the unit and then "Edit Unit" to change the map rotation.
Any size Facility - Any shape Units - Unit Trac is here to help!
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