New Owner Introduction Letter

Created: 11/11/2021


It’s a good idea to introduce yourself as the new owner to inform current customers of the upcoming changes. It’s also an excellent opportunity to make the transition process smooth for everybody. 

Create a draft of the letter in both hard copy and digital form and have it ready to send after closing. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the details finalized – just send a letter with what you know. Better to communicate and say hello than to say nothing.

Sample Landlord Introduction Letter 

Your introduction letter should contain everything they need as a unit renter. Make sure to include:

  • Business Name: Notify customers if the business name is changing or staying the same.
  • Address: Provide the physical and mailing address.
  • Contact Information: Provide phone number, email, and company website.
  • Rental Rates: Address whether current rates will remain the same or if there will be an increase.
  • Remind Customers of Payment Dates: If you prorate, remind your customers that payments are due on or before the 1st of the month or the anniversary date from when the customer started renting.
  • Payment Options: Confirm what payment options you will accept - cash, check and credit/debit card.
  • Grace Period / Late Fee Policy: Consider whether the late fee policy will go into effect or if you will have a set date that the late fee policy will go into effect after getting up and going.

Tip: If you happen to get a customer email list at closing – don’t forget to copy the email addresses into the BCC field of your mass email so that your customers don’t see the other email addresses.  

Sample - New Owner Introduction Letter


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