How Unit Trac Works

From signing up to sending invoices, here's how Unit Trac works.

Lease Life Cycle

We've streamlined lease management to save you time.

  • Start

    Enter tenant information and assign them to a unit. Pick a start date and add credit card info (if they are paying by credit card). If you'd like to go paperless, attach documents and/or photos.

  • View & Invoice

    View lease details quickly. See all lease data including, contact information, amount owed/over payment, late fees, payment history, documents. Email or print invoices with one click.

  • Record Payment

    Unit Trac's lease status is based on a paid through date. When recording a payment, the paid through date is computed. You can adjust this date to handle all the one-off situations.

  • End

    When your tenant moves out, end their lease to release the unit back to the list of rentable units.


From day-to-day information to business analysis, Unit Trac gives you all the information you need to run your business.