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Created: 2/2/2015

Welcome to Unit Trac!

I've signed up.  How do I get started?

Unit Trac is designed to be a "choose your own adventure" but when you're just starting out, follow these few steps to get you off on the right foot. Or if you prefer, our team is available to assist with creating your account.

- Facility name/address
- Facility lay out - this can just be sketched on a sheet of paper - nothing fancy (don't worry...we see it all)
- Sizes - also note if any units have special features (i.e. electricity, etc.)
- Standard pricing per size
Whether you choose to create your account or have our team help, please note that if you have your customer list in Excel, please email our team and we can upload the information into your account.
  1. Update your business settings.
    1. Sign in and choose Business >> Settings.
    2. Select the "Lease" tab.
    3. Change your deposit, required fields and payment notifications to fit your business.
    4. Select the "Accounting" tab.
    5. Change your tax rate (if applicable), late fees, grace period, pricing and invoicing information to fit your business.
  2. Add employees, family members, anyone who helps you run your facility.
    1. Choose Business >> Settings >> Users and click "New User."
    2. An invitation email will be sent to this person with an acceptance link.  Once they click this link, they can sign in and begin helping.
  3. Add any facilities, unit groups, or units to add that weren't entered during your sign up.
    1. Choose Business >> Site Map.
    2. On the left side of the page, click "Add" or "Edit" in the facility and follow the on screen instructions.
      - Spend some time laying out your facility map.  Try to keep it compact, while not being crammed  - this will improve readability when viewing on your mobile devices.
      Number your single digit units 01,02, 03...09 to ensure that they are in numerical order when assigning a unit to a lease (see step 4).
      - When adding units to your site map that are currently rented, leave the status as "Rentable" rather than changing to "Unrentable."  In step #4, you will begin to assign your leases to the unit and the status of your unit will be changed to "Leased" and your site map overlay will be updated accordingly. If you change the status to "Unrentable," you will not be able to assign the lease to the unit.
    3. Note: If you have multiple facilities, after entering the second one, you will see a facility picker at the top of your pages.
  4. Start adding leases.  
    1. Choose Leases >> Start a lease.
    2. Add required lease and initial payment information.
    3. Pick a "paid through date" that matches the date you wish to begin tracking payments for the lease.  If this is a new lease pick the date the customer has paid through with their first payment.  If the lease is current, there are two choices depending on how much history you want to record:
      1. "I want to have a full/partial history for this lease." - Select a "Payment Date" that you wish to begin tracking payments along with the deposit (if applicable) and initial rent payment. Note: the payment date selected will populate your revenue report, so please be sure to select an accurate date for payment. If you do not know the specific date with the month, select the appropriate month that the payment was received. Also, note that if you enter a deposit, this will be reflected in your revenue report for the date selected. It is typically recommended to enter $0.00 for the deposit amount. After creating the lease, you may go back and edit the deposit amount, so that you have record of the deposit, but your revenue report is not impacted. 
      2. "I don't want to enter past information." - Enter a date the customer is actually paid through and enter the amount of $0.00 for both the deposit and the initial rent payment. You may select a payment date, but no revenue will be associated with that payment date. Note: if you do charge a deposit, you may go back and edit the deposit amount after the lease has been created so that you have record of the deposit. 
    4. Save the lease and repeat step 4 for all your leases.
    5. If you have customers with multiple units, follow these steps to save you from duplicate customer data entry.  You can easily assign customers to multiple units by selecting "Existing Customer" when assinging new leases.
  5. Entering payments.
    1. There are two routes to enter a payment:
      1. Choose Leases >> Record a payment and select a lease.
      2. Choose Leases >> My Leases then select a lease and click "Record Payment" at the top of the lease details page.
      3. Tip: #1 is a fast way to enter multiple payments. 
    2. Either path will bring up the payment recording window.
      1. Enter the amount paid and payment type and select a date that the user is paid through.
      2. Tip: Many customers pay the same amount over time (monthly, quarterly, etc.). This window knows this and will auto fill the amount and new paid through date.  For these customers, all you should have to do is verify the values and click save.
    3. Repeat step 5 for all payments.
  6. Attach documents. (optional)
    1.  If you want to go paperless, scan and upload signed leases, unit damage photos, anything you wish to your leases's documents tab.  Simply choose a lease from Leases >> My Leases and select a lease then click on the Documents tab.  From there, click "Select File" and choose a file to upload.  
    2. Tip: Uploaded documents can be sent via our integrated emailing system. Use this to send someone their signed lease on the go from your phone!

You're done!  Begin exploring Unit Trac.  

  • To review your finances, choose Accounting >> Overview.
  • To email a tenant, select a lease then click "Email."
  • To view your facility map, choose Home then any of the "Map" buttons.
  • Try Unit Trac from your phone, tablet, and laptop - Unit Trac is designed to work on all your devices. Click here for directions.
  • Your account comes with a no-maintenance website. Click here for directions to get started.  

Still have questions?

When you need help - our team is here to help you. As a new Unit Trac customer, our support team will work with you to establish your facility map, settings, arrange payment processing and integrate with your existing website. Additionally, our comprehensive onboarding program will ensure you receive tips and best practices to help you become more familiar and efficient with Unit Trac. Whether you are a new customer or have been with Unit Trac for a while, our commitment to customer support and your happiness will never stop.

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