How do I personalize my website?

Created: 3/1/2023

Q: How do I personalize my website?

A: Once you've enabled your website, it's also easy to personalize your website with your logo, facility photo and announcement messages.

To upload your files, go to Business > Document Library.

Next, go to Business > Settings > Public Website and click on Actions > Manage Website.  From there, you can select which files you would like displayed on the website as well tagline, theme and more.
Manage WebsiteTip: We suggest turning on the "Site Announcement" and using this area to describe your business. Visit for examples.

- Describe the type of storage that you offer.

Variety of storage unit sizes available for:
Household goods; contractor equipment; vehicles, boats, snowmobiles; holiday decorations and other seasonal items; furniture and appliances during renovation or remodeling projects and more. 

- List your city and a few of the cities/towns that are nearby your location as this will help when someone is searching online for storage.

Serving Morton, Washington, East Peoria and the surrounding area. Locally owned and operated.  

Q: How do I improve search results?

A: For some added tips on getting customers to your website click here.

Your website is working hard to get you more business. 

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