Invite or Reset Customer's Account/Password to the Customer Portal

Created: 9/22/2017


In order to invite customers to use the Customer Portal, you must have their email address saved in their customer profile.  If you don't have your customers email addresses, click here to easily communicate with your customers that you need their email address, by creating a custom note on your invoices and receipts.

Initial Invitation to Multiple Customers - This is the easiest way to send the invitations to multiple customers when you are getting started with the customer portal.

To create sign-ins, you will need to invite your customers to become users. You have the discretion to select which customers have access to the Customer Portal.  

Go to Business > Settings > Customer Portal.  In the 'Customer Invitation' section, select 'Configure & Send Invitations.'  After selecting the customers that you would like to invite to the Customer Portal, select "Send Invitations."

Reset Customer's Online Account or Reset Customer's Password

Go to Customers > select the customer. In the upper right hand corner, select 'Actions' and either 'Reset Customer's Online Account' or 'Reset Customer's Password'.

Congratulations - you've just made it easier for your customers to do business with you!








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