How do I deal with a Stripe Dispute

Created: 1/25/2020


There are three options when dealing with a dispute

Option 1: If the charge was correct, contact the customer and request they withdraw the dispute

During the dispute process, takes the original charge plus an additional fee for processing the dispute from your account.  If the dispute is withdrawn, you get all of the money back; otherwise, the original charge will be returned to the customer and you'll lose the dispute processing fee.   

After the dispute is withdrawn, provide additional evidence as if the customer was not withdrawing to cover your bases.  Here is Stripe's help article to explain in more detail.  Stripe Disputes and Fraud

Option 2: If the charge was incorrect, accept the dispute

Under Business > Credit Cards > Disputes you can accept the disputed charge as an incorrect charge. 

Note; By accepting this dispute you are agreeing that the customer's dispute is valid. If you accept, the full amount of the dispute will be returned to the customer and dispute fees applied. If you wish to continue you'll just need to go to this customers dispute and click the 'Accept Dispute' button.

Option 3: If the charge was correct, disagree with the dispute

Under Business > Credit Cards > Disputes you can disagree with the dispute.   You'll want to make sure you have all of your evidence together before visiting this screen so that you can attach all documents as needed.   

This information is being sent to an arbitrator and once they make a decision it is extremely hard to reverse it.  The more information documented the better, so at a minimum;

    • Provide the reason why your business should win the dispute 
    • Provide customer's email and billing address
    • Describe your product "10x25 self storage unit"
    • Provide any additional information including as many details as you have (date, withdrawn details, etc)
    • Upload all documents available relating to the charge (Customer Receipt, Signed Lease Agreement, Customer Communications you have documented, and any other items that will help your proof)



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