Craigslist: Marketing Your Storage Facility

Created: 1/2/2019


Craigslist is a free resource that you can use to help boost your occupancy.

  1. On the Craigslist homepage, make sure the location listed at the top is the correct location for your ad. If not, select the location for which you want your ad to show.
  2. Click 'post to classifieds' in the top left corner.
  3. Select the “'housing offered' category for your post. In the 'housing offered' subcategory, you can specify your post as 'parking & storage'.
  4. Enter the title, price, description, and contact information for your ad. 
  5. Add images to your post. Craigslist recommends using all image space available to maximize your ad’s engagement with users.
Suggested Wording:
Acme Units offers a variety of sizes to fit your storage needs. Sizes and prices range from 5x10 - $25 to 10x20 - $80 per month.  
Visit our website at to rent online or call (309)123-1234 to rent your unit today!
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