Can I customize an existing website?

Created: 1/23/2015

Effective March 29, 2023 - Unit Trac is offering new directions to creating your custom website with enhanced SSL certification. Please contact us to get the appropriate links for your business.

Q: Can I customize an existing website? 

A: If you already have a website and want to integrate Unit Trac's knowledge of your facility to provide real-time information to your potential customers, it’s simple – you’ll just need to update a few settings.

Depending on your business preferences, you may elect to enable online payments or online rentals. Your settings will need to be enabled by the Unit Trac service team prior to the functionality working. 
Online Payments - give your customers the ability make payments online, view/print invoices, and more. 
Online Rentals - allow customers to electronically sign your lease agreement.

A REST API is also available for developers wanting to create a truly customized experience.  Please contact us for an API key and documentation.

WARNING: Never share this code with anyone but your programmer. Doing so could allow an outside party to impersonate you. Please contact us to get connection details and web service definitions.

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