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Created: 7/28/2023

What is auto-charge?
Auto-charge allows you to automatically run credit card charges for this lease on a schedule. This removes the headache of charging the card manually every time rent is due.

To get started, you will need to attach a payment method to this lease to use for auto-charge payments. You will also need to select the date for the first auto-charge.

Can I require that a lease be paid by auto-charge?
When enabled, the customer will be required to enroll in auto-charge if they choose to pay via credit or debit card when signing the eLease. We recommend you include this verbiage in your eLease when enabling this setting. Requiring auto-charge can be enabled at Business > Settings > Accounting & Invoicing.

Why can't I choose today as the auto-charge date?
The auto-charge process runs early in the morning each day and has typically already run for today by the time you are reading this.

Go ahead and set-up the auto-charge to run the following month. Then you can record a payment for the current date by going to "Record a Payment" in the customer "Actions" menu. 

How can I check to see what date the auto-charge is set to run?
Go to Reports > Lease List and select "Auto-charge" from the list and then choose "Download" or "View".  Any changes needed can be done by going to the customer's information (you cannot update the report to make changes to the auto-charge date).

How is the lease payment method used?
In some cases, customers might have multiple payment methods but prefer to use a certain one when paying for a lease. Attaching the payment method to the lease will help you keep track of this throughout Unit Trac.

Additionally, if you choose to set up auto-charge the payment method you select will be used for the automatic payments.

Click to learn more about credit card processing.

Reduce delinquency and increase your revenue with auto-charge.

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