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Created: 3/1/2015


How do I get set up to process credit cards?
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What fees are involved in charging cards?
There is no enrollment or long-term fee to charge credit cards.  Each transaction will carry a fee of 2.9% of the charged amount, plus $1.00. 

*Note that in some countries this fee is lower, please contact our team for more details.

For example, if rent of $100 per month is charged, the fees will be $2.90 + $1.00 = $3.90, and a total of $96.10 will be deposited to your bank account for that unit's rent per month.
Rent x .029 (2.9%) + $1.00 = Fee
i.e. - $100 x .029 + $1.00 = $3.90
$100 - $3.90 fee = $96.10 (net)

How do I add a credit card number to an existing lease?
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Can I set up cards to automatically charge on a given day of the month?
Yes! Once you have entered the credit card information you can choose to enable the auto-charge by selecting the day of the month you desire the card to run.  Click save, and you're there.
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How do I know if a card is saved for a customer?
Go to Customers > My Customers. If a customer has a card on file, you’ll notice a credit card icon to the left of their name.

Click on the customer and you’ll see his or her current and past leases. You’ll also see the credit card icon to the left of the unit number and the lightening bolt if the auto-charge is enabled.


- Make sure that a lease has a card on file. A customer can have multiple cards on file, so if you add a credit card to a customer's profile that you also associate the credit card with his or her lease.   
- If the customer provided credit card information through the customer portal, the credit icon will be a light gray.

How do I know if a lease is set-up for recurring charges?
Go to Leases > My Leases.  If a unit is set-up for recurring charges, you will notice a lightning bolt beside the credit card icon.

You can also go to Reports > Lease List and click 'Payment Method on File' and 'Auto-charge' to see what customers have cards on file and the date the auto-charge will run.

If I end a customer's lease, will the credit card still be charged?
No. Ending a lease disables the auto-charge.

How do I issue a credit card refund?
Go to the Customers menu, select the customer needing the refund, and then go to Invoicing & Payments. Find the payment that you want to refund and select 'Refund' in the actions.  Click here for more information.

Depending on the situation, be sure to check your invoice items after refunding to confirm the customer’s balance.

What happens when a card is declined? Can I run a manual charge?
You will not be charged for declined charges. Contact your customer and update their card information.  At that point, you can manually charge the card.

To complete a manual charge, select the customer and click Actions > Record a Payment. When the payment box pops up, ensure the payment method is "credit card" and enter the appropriate payment date and amount. Lastly, check the box that says "charge credit card on file for this payment?" When you click "Save," the credit card will be charged. A manual charge can be run on any card any time, regardless of whether it is scheduled to run automatically.

How do I know if I charged a card in Unit Trac?
Select the customer and refer to the ‘Invoices & Payments’ tabs. You'll notice a credit card icon next to the payment amount, indicating that you have using the integrated credit card processing in Unit Trac.

Where do I go to see how much will be transferred to my bank account when the credit card is charged?
Unit Trac has a dedicated screen for credit card processing where you can find past charges, upcoming automatic charges, bank account transfers, refunds, etc. Go to Business > Credit Cards for all the details.

Is it possible to charge a card a different amount up front (say, to include a deposit) than the monthly charge will be?
Yes. When you create a lease, you specify the deposit and monthly fee (and partial monthly fee for the first month - if that's how you run your facility). When supplying a credit card, the first charge will be the sum of these items.  After that, the amount charged will be based on the monthly fee you specified in the lease.

What should I do if a credit card payment fails?
You may want to contact the customer to let them know that the payment failed and they may suggest running it again due to insufficient funds (and now they have transferred money). You may also need to get an alternate card number and add it to Unit Trac and re-run as a manual charge and/or you may need to update the card information for future auto-charge payments.  

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