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Created: 2/22/2015

As your facility grows by adding new buildings or units, you'll need to tell Unit Trac about them so they can be managed through the system.  Here's how:

1.  In the upper right-hand menu bar, click Business > Settings > Facilities and select 'Add Facility'.

2.  Click the 'Edit' button to the right of the facility where the new units are located. Edit the facility name, physical address and mailing address.

3.  Click 'Add a Size' to create your standard sizes and pricing.

4.  Click 'Add a Unit' and fill out the form to create your individual units.

5.  Place the unit on your map.  To place the unit, drag it from the new units list to the facility map.

6.  Remember to save your changes.

If you are simply adding new units to your existing facility, start at step #3 and go from there.  Congratulations on growing your business!

Note: be sure that all units ready to rent are listed with the status "Rentable".  If you choose "Unrentable", Unit Trac will keep those units hidden and you will be unable to apply a lease to them.

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